Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Best Practices

Technological advances impact our lives daily through education, medicine, and our social interactions. Now changes are occurring again in the way we use our smartphones. With the advancement of smartphones, we now use our mobile devices for much more than calling and texting. These mini computers are helping us find information in real-time and make purchases.

Locate Information

These changes in mobile communication have led to a different approach in the way businesses interact with their customers. Companies are making information more convenient for customers through their mobile devices. GPS apps and social media ads are making information readily available for mobile customers. Advertisers now have the option of choosing desktop or mobile ads through Facebook. Facebook provides this opportunity because marketing reports are showing that more people perform searches on their mobile phones more often than on their desktop computers. Search engines like Yahoo are also providing this option as they review customer behavior.

Make Purchases

Other changes in the way we use are mobile devices come in the form of transactions. Customers can now use iPay and other apps on their phones to pay for goods/services promptly. Another example of this is the Starbuck app. Starbucks app enables customers to pay for their goods with their smartphones. Purchasing goods this way helps people to move conveniently through lines. Becoming aware of these trends, small business owners are also providing services and using the mobile devices to build personal relationships.

Build Relationships

Marketers and small businesses are also following the movement of using mobile devices for various means of communication. Small businesses like mobile restaurants and coaches text their customers their daily location or inspiring notes to keep clients focused on their goals. Some companies use their customer’s mobile numbers as ID in they systems so when customers call, the company representatives can assist more efficiently. Having this information load on the company representatives’ screens supports building relationships. When a customer can be greeted by name and asked if they want the same order, it gives the customer a good feeling.

Mobile devices give us more options to stay informed attain information and make purchases quickly.

These are some of the most popular uses for our smartphones today it is creating a convenient life for us. Social media marketing now includes mobile marketing, so advertisers are using it as a valuable tool effectively. Adding this marketing strategy to your marketing plan is an excellent way to expand your reach with new customers while strengthening your current customer base.

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