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Advantages of Using Amazon Prime

Advantages of Using Amazon Prime

Amazon is currently the largest online market. Topping the charts by large margins, Amazon has become a well-known eCommerce giant. With worldwide reach, it has revolutionized how the world shops and has managed to provide a convenient retail experience in the comfort of our own homes. With reduced prices on almost every product and delivery times of only about 1-3 weeks, Amazon has completely changed the game. But, what if we didn’t have to wait so long for a product to arrive? What if this amazing user experience could be even more enhanced? Striving to serve its customers better, Amazon has launched its Prime Membership Service. Inexpensive to subscribe to, this service has numerous benefits:

1 day and Same-day Shipping

Yes, you read that right! Amazon has made it possible for you to receive your order in less than 24 hours! Considering that the product has been marked 1 day approved and that you have crossed the minimum order limit, you can expect to receive your products in less than a day. All of this is free of cost after you have become a prime member.

Sharing Option

Your prime benefits can be shared with up to four other people without sharing your account details. While sharing your password with somebody else is a breach of policy, Amazon has made it easy for you to share your account with up to 4 other uses that live in the same household. As long as the residential address is the same, your accounts can be shared.

Prime Video

Prime video has now become a pioneering video streaming service. Giving tough competition to other services like Netflix and HotStar, Prime Video has various originals that can only be viewed on prime. Ad-free streaming and same day releases are just a few benefits of Prime video. With a Fire TV stick, you can do away with your set-top-box too! Amazon Prime has got you covered!

Kindle E-book Library

Prime members can rent free e-books from the Kindle library. This is a great benefit to Kindle owners as in general, buying an ebook is often expensive. Imagine a whole range of books to choose from, completely free of cost! Amazon Prime has made this seemingly impossible dream a reality.

Lightning Deals

Having a prime account doesn’t just make things faster, it also makes sure that the purchases you make are cheaper. Prime helps you save money through lightning deals and early access. Special offers on products and before release access to ordering will make you a smart and efficient shopper!

Considering all the benefits listed above and others like Amazon Music, Prime Pantry and Prime Photos, the nominal cost of INR 999 per annum. Prime cancellation is also extremely simple. Simply go to manage your Membership on the Amazon app or website and click on End Membership. After following a few on-screen instructions, your prime membership will immediately be cancelled. With easy cancellation and multiple benefits, Amazon prime is a no-brainer!

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